National Women’s Day | Let’s talk Female Empowerment

National Women’s Day, a day to celebrate just how far us girls have come from way back when and to be honest, to celebrate how bad ass we actually are! Everybody has their own way of celebrating this day, as well as their own views on it. So here’s mine!

Before I start my ramblings, I just want to say that this is all based on my own personal views. I am not trying to preach on one particular topic and I understand that National Women’s Day can mean something different to every individual – just wanted to clear that up!

I’m super lucky to be honest; I’ve never been a victim of sexism in the workplace, nor have I ever felt targeted in my everyday life for being female. I was raised by an extremely strong woman and an equally strong, supportive, Dad, who has always (and will always be) so respectful and empowering of woman. For me personally, National Women’s Day is to empower and build up the women we surround ourselves with, be that in the workplace, or with friends and family.

As bad as this sounds, I’ve only every really thrown myself into this issue after recently watching Girl Boss on Netflix. After finishing season one, I started to look into Girl Boss on social media and became instantly hooked on their messaging. Their content constantly reminds us girls that we can do whatever we want and you know what? We should be encouraging others to do the exact same.

As a gender, I feel that we have all been surrounded by and participated in bitching, body shaming and general nastiness by putting other girls down and do you know why? Because we’re a competitive gender and it’s been drilled into us through countless sources. I’m NO saint, I have been a right cow in my past to girls and as I’ve gotten older and started ‘adulting’ (lol), I’ve realised, it’s just not okay. At some point in every girl’s life (probably in high school) we’ve worn two faces and our best friends are actually our easiest targets and now that I’m in my twenties, again, I realise it’s REALLY not okay!

However, the ‘bitchyness’ and shaming doesn’t stop and if we don’t at least try to change that, it’ll never go away. Some girls will continue to put down other girls, be that in their careers or general life decisions. What angers me, is that it’s never addressed with that person, but discussed in packs over instant messages and behind closed doors. I’ve had this happen and the lengths that some girls will go to to just be plain nasty is unbelievable. I mean really, pulling apart every aspect of one person’s life? Real positive!

How to resolve this? Simple, get the negative people out of your life, regardless of what you think you owe to them, or they owe to you.

I’m so proud to have a small, but close, group of girls around me and do you know what? I’ve never felt more supported. So ladies, happy National Women’s Day. Whatever you’re doing to celebrate, just try to give at least one of your fellow females the support and empowerment they need – it’ll only bring out the best in them.

And finally, to those of you who have only tried to bring me down, in response to (one of) your vile comment(s) – ‘Kill the bitch’, treat me like I’m dead.


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