My Three Fake Tan Favourites

It may still be winter, but a good bronzing session with a mitt and a bottle of tan doesn’t need a season. I actually find myself faking it even more in the winter months because for me, a good glow makes me feel healthier, happier and more confident in myself.

I’ve never been on a sun bed in my life – the thought of lying in a coffin shaped sun box really freaks me out and yes, I know you can now go in stand up pods, but for me, a shop-bought glow is all I need.

Fake Tan | Bondi Sands | Fake Me | St Moriz

Here’s my top three tans for faking it:

3. Fake Me | Medium
I purchased this budget buy beauty from my local Savers and my god, the pigment is something else! This tan is like foundation for your legs – a lot thicker than most tans, however it dries smoothly and leaves no streaks behind. Because of its formula, I usually save this fake tan for a night out and wash off the following day. You can apply this tan in minutes, which is perfect for those last minute spontaneous nights out, but let me warn you to get this stuff off pronto the following day. Yes, it’s a sheet stainer and yes, it wears off pretty quickly (obviously depending on how much dancing you do!)

2. St. Moriz | Medium
St. Moriz is my go-to tan. Whether it’s for a day at the office, or plans over the weekend, I tend to use this tan three times a week – one base application and then a few top-ups. St. Moriz is affordable, long-lasting and easy to apply. I always find this product in my local B&Ms store which is great because I can stock up for less! In my opinion, St. Moriz is perfect if you tend to tan regularly; a little goes a long way, it’s great value for money and generally lasts on your skin for at least a week. TIP: I would recommend only doing three top-ups of this tan. After that, give yourself a good exfoliate and start fresh – you don’t want your skin to end up looking like Tiger Bread.

1. Bondi Sands | Dark
Bondi Sands is my luxury tan. You know, the one that only comes out for a special night out or occasion?! Although this tan can be pretty pricey, Superdrug always has offers on this brand, so I’d suggest you wait until then to try or bulk buy! For me, Bondi Sands is effortless to apply. It leaves my skin beautifully tanned and streak-free. Because of its coconut fragrance, I love that I smell like a Pina Colada once I’ve finished. I mean, who doesn’t want to smell like they’ve been sipping on cocktails at the beach?! Although one layer of this tan is enough, you can always re-apply the tan 30 minutes after using to get a deeper glow – this is what I tend to do!
I can’t praise this product enough and I always make sure that I’ve got a bottle lying around.

Are you a fellow fake tan fanatic? Which products have you been using? I’m always looking for recommendations!



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