Gin Tasting Evening at Impossible Manchester

Yes, you heard it here first- I’m a fully converted Gin enthusiast. This time last year, you wouldn’t get me close to the stuff! I’ve always been a vodka girl, but as I’ve recently turned 23, It’s time to get out of my comfort zone and see what else is out there, and a G&T is now one of my poisons!

I was recently invited to Manchester’s newest bar, restaurant and club venue, Impossible, for an evening of gin tasting.

Gin Bar in Manchester | Impossible

Impossible is such an eccentric venue. The first floor features a fully stocked bar, restaurant and sub-restaurant, which serves customers until the early hours, It’s here where you can order the most unusual dishes – kangaroo tacos or salt and pepper crickets anyone?
(Don’t worry, not ALL the food is based on I’m A Celeb’s Bush-Tucker trial menu!)

Gin Bars in Manchester | Impossible | Venue

The venue’s basement holds Manchester’s most theatrical nightlife experience. Want an interactive, unique night on the town? Head to Theatre Du Impossible and find everything from circus like acts, catwalk shows and more!

Inside Impossible in Manchester | Gin Bar

Upstairs, on the mezzanine level, is the venue’s hidden gin nest. This is where the gin tasting event was held. The space was kitted out like a Scandinavian cabin which was super cosy!
Impossible’s secret gin bar also stocks edible, frozen cocktails and has a champagne BUBBLE MACHINE. Feel like you’re in Willy Wonka’s alcoholic chocolate factory yet?

I’m no gin connoisseur, so for me, this event was literally to see what I liked and disliked. I’ve only ever tried and enjoyed one G&T before, which was Brockmans, tonic and garnished with berries and orange – super sweet and fruity and exactly what I liked. Here, We got to try four different G&T’s, which I’d never heard of before so I was completely open to the options.

Gin Tasting | Manchester | Impossible

The first was Beefeater 24 with Double Dutch tonic and garnished with grapefruit.
Initially, this was definitely sweeter than your normal G&T, but I definitely couldn’t ask for this each time I visited the bar on a night out. It still had quite a dry after taste, which is why I’ve never really liked gin before.


Second up was the Monkey 47 with 1724 Tonic and garnished with grapefruit and lime peel.This was definitely a winter warmer. For me, this wouldn’t be my gin of choice but with woody aromas, this is the perfect Christmas time G&T for sure!

Monkey 47 Gin | Impossible | Manchester

Next up was King of Soho with Double Dutch pomegranate and basil tonic and garnished with orange.
King of Soho is a London Dry gin, which for me is a massive no-no! However, because of the tonic, this was my favourite G&T out of all four. Pomegranate and basil is SUCH a good combo. I could definitely enjoy a few of these on a night out – would HIGHLY recommend anybody who is looking to get into gin to give this a try!

King Soho Gin | Manchester | Impossible

The final gin of the evening was Whitley Neil Rhubarb with Fever Tree tonic and garnished with ginger.
The most quintessentially British G&T EVER! This came in second place for me, as it was just sweet enough with the combo of ginger and rhubarb.

Whitley Neil | Manchester | Impossible

As a ‘gin palace’, Impossible has some stiff competition in Manchester. Although Impossible haven’t got the biggest selection of gin, they have hand selected just over 60 quality gins for their gin nest. And as we all know, it’s quality over quantity.



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