Date Night – Cocktails at The Alchemist MediaCityUK

I’m so lucky to live in Manchester, well, bar the constant rain. But seriously, the variety of places to go, things to do, restaurants to eat in and bars to drink in, can sometimes be overwhelming, but you’re NEVER stuck for choice!

Martyn and I had one of our rare date nights to the new Alchemist in MediaCityUK.
I love MediaCity. There’s so much going on there, yet it’s one of the most chilled out places in this city. The Alchemist is one of my favourite bars- quirky and gorgeous decor and the biggest cocktail menu I’ve ever seen.

MediaCityUK The Alchemist

The new Alchemist venue has been designed to make a statement, with gold exterior and industrial, yet modern interior, it really does sit so well within MediaCityUK.

‘Our mixologists create every cocktail with an obsessive eye for detail, presented in vessels orchestrated to add a devilish dash of theatre, they bedazzle, bewitch and set the scene for everything we do.’

The Alchemist’s statement on their cocktails couldn’t be any more true. You will find yourself Instagramming Every single cocktail before you indulge in it. Which is exactly what we did. Here’s a run down on what we had:

The Alchemist Cocktails

My date for the evening!

Smokey Old Fashioned
Martyn loves whiskey, so it made perfect sense to try this lil number first. The drink, as most do, was presented in an apothecary bottle which you then poured into a tumbler with a classic ice ball.  As the name suggests, it filled the glass with smoke, which looked great on Boomerang can I add!
The Smokey Old Fashioned tasted just like Christmas, with earthy and smoked oak undertones.

Dead Red Zombie
My preference when it comes to cocktails is usually, vodka based and fruity. But I’m trying to become more educated in other drinks, so wanted to try out anything BUT vodka. The Dead Red Zombie is a white rum based drink with loads of fruity flavours. This cocktail is literally magical; it bubbles like a potion when first served and the colour is a silky red which shimmers the whole time you’re enjoying it.

Light Bulb Moment
This was Martyn’s second cocktail and as soon as I had a sip, I had INSTANT drink envy. This cocktail is a gin and Pimms based drink and it tasted a little bit like a Long Island Ice Tea, but even MORE refreshing. As you would expect, it was served in an upside down lightbulb. The drink ignited the dry ice cubes within the lightbulb and it was a real show stopper as Martyn was left to pour this amazing concoction into his glass!

Bubble Bath
This was by far the most fun drink I’ve ever had! The Bubble Bath is a martini styled gin based cocktail. As the drink was served, it started to bubble up, like when you were a kid blowing bubbles into a milkshake?! This cocktail was again, extremely fruity, which I love. I’m starting to dabble with gin, but the dry, sharp textures are something I’m not a fan of, so the Bubble Bath was perfect!

Cocktails at The Alchemist MediaCityUK

The Alchemist at MediaCityUK is one of the best venues I’ve been to. It’s perfect for a special occasion, night out or if you’re looking to enhance your cocktail knowledge – would highly recommend.

I’d also like to give a special mention to Rasa, who really did look after us on the night. She was extremely attentive and helped us to choose the cocktails above.




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