The Yorkshire Soap Co. Discovering a Jo Malone Dupe

As I mentioned in my previous post, I may have found my FAVOURITE cosmetics store- other than Lush, of course. The Yorkshire Soap Co. is a girl’s dream!

Located, as the name suggests, The Yorkshire Soap Co. has a select few stores and although you can purchase the products online, I highly recommend you visit one of their gorgeous shops.

What drew me in, was the beautiful exterior; pink signage and a BUBBLE MACHINE, what’s not to love?! The window display was also an Instagram DREAM!

The Yorkshire Soap Co, York,
Inside was absolute heaven. Cake stands upon cake stands held gorgeous, handcrafted soaps, bubble bars and other bath-time goodness. It smelt like a sweet shop and everything looked good enough to eat, but please don’t be tempted…

Inside The Yorkshire Soap Co York

Bath Bombs, Soap, The Yorkshire Soap Co

Our flat only has a walk in shower, so bath bombs were out of the question (cry), but I wanted something that I could use to wind down before bed.

I came across Night Night Sweetheart- the clue is in the name really! But this is the best part; I instantly new the smell from somewhere, much more expensive- Jo Malone.

The Pomegranate Noir scent is one of the most unique smells I have ever come across and I never thought I’d find a dupe, 1. So perfectly identical or 2. Affordable!

Obviously I bagged myself the shower gel and body lotion set and bought it for the brilliant price of £12! Can I add that one Jo Malone body creme is £52 for 175ml in the SAME scent!

Night Night Sweetheart, The Yorkshire Soap Co

The Yorkshire Soap Co. can only be described as a more ‘grown up, luxurious Lush’ in my opinion, and it’s cruelty free, bonus!

What cosmetics are you lusting after at the moment? Have you bought from The Yorkshire Soap Co? Let me know.

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