If anybody knows me, you’ll know that One Direction has always been my guilty pleasure and Harry Styles will forever be my favourite poster boy. So I’m sure that you can imagine how EXCITED I am to finally get his new self-titled album in my ears!

Here’s what I think, in a nutshell…


It’s evident to see that Harry is discovering his own style through this album. Unlike the cheesey pop classics (which I’ll always love) that One Direction are famous for, the album has a lot of influence from old school rock and roll with a hint of blues – brave move in today’s charts.


I knew there’d be a sense of individuality with the self-titled album as soon as I heard Sign of the Times, which to me sounds as though it’s a nod to the late legend, David Bowie. Kicking off the track list, we’re welcomed with, Meet Me in the Hallway which opens with an indie, Stone Roses vibe – a different musical concept for him, again! The likes of Two Ghosts and Ever Since New York, which evokes a ballad, country-esque genre. There’s so much going on in this album, but I think that’s why I find it so easy to listen to and enjoyable. He’s experimenting, which is natural for an artist finding their sound and I love how he isn’t ashamed to hide that from his fans.


My personal favourite track from Harry Styles is Only Angel. It emits such an 80’s, rock and roll vibe, inclusive of some statement cow bell!


It’s hard to describe Harry Styles’ album in a review, i’d just encourage you to give it a listen – even if you’re not, or have never been a One Direction fan. You never know, you might be pleasantly surprised!



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