March Beauty Faves | Skin care and makeup

I think i’m going to start a monthly feature on my top beauty buys, seeing as I’m buying A LOT of it at the moment – it’ll also give me an excuse when Martyn says, ‘You don’t need anymore x’.

I’ll start with my mini March beauty haul.


Revolution Ultra Cover and Conceal PaletteI use concealer to highlight and for some reason, the wands I’ve been buying don’t seem to create the effect I want – they seem to just seep into my skin?!
I discovered this palette whilst in Superdrug. One of the store assistant’s highlight WAS TO DIE FOR and she recommended this one. What’s great about it is that it’s amazing value for money – just £6.00 for eight similar shades to play with!

Revolution Strobe Highlighter
£3.00 Superdrug
Revolution Strobe Highlight
I’ve always loved Revolution’s highlighters as they seem to last forever! This strobe highlighter was just £3.00 and you can choose from three different shades. I love the white highlighter because it has a really cute emerald shimmer to it when it catches the light. No face is complete without a little glow!

PS Amplif-eyed Mascara
£2.00 Primark
PS Amplif-eyed

Primark are killing it at the moment and their beauty range is uh-mazing! I decided to try the Amplif-eyed Mascara and yes, part of the purchase was due to the rose gold packaging (guilty..)
The brush is relatively thin and bends with the application, meaning it catches EVERY single eyelash. I’ve never really used mascara on a daily basis, but this stuff has me hooked – my eyelashes have never looked so good! Definitely recommend for the amazing price of TWO QUID. Yep, that’s right!

Ben Nye Super White Powder
(Can be purchased on eBay and online beauty sites)
Ben Nye Super White Powder

I was so happy when I found this product in Duty Free at Manchester’s Arndale Centre. I’ve got quite pale yet olive skin tone so I thought that the banana powder wouldn’t do much for me. I apply the powder over concealer to highlight and my GOD it’s flawless. The powder is just over £10, BUT it’s worth it as you need very little to create a killer effect!

Skin care

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads
£12.99 (I purchased for £6.99) Superdrug
Nip + Fab Exfoliate

I’ll admit, I jumped straight onto the beauty blogger hype with Nip + Fab. Reduced in Superdrug from £12.99 to just £6.99, what better time to give them a try!
I use the pads daily once I’ve cleansed and it really has enhanced my skin. Here’s what’s in the pads which helps your skin look so much fresher, taken from the Nip + Fab website:
glycolic acid: retextures + resurfaces
hyaluronic acid: moisturises + refreshes

blue daisy: soothes + calms

Midnight Recovery Concentrate
Full bottle: £38 Kiehl’s

Midnight Recovery Concentrate Kiehls
I’ve never used Kiehl’s before but let me me tell you, BELIEVE the hype, it’s incredible. I could go on and on about how much this skincare brand has helped my skin, but I’ll save that for another blog.

The Midnight Recovery Concentrate is very oily, which I don’t mind but for some people, an oily texture is the last thing they want before going to bed. I rub the concentrate onto a cleansed face and the smell is enough to chill me out. The formula aims to soothe skin and give you a fresher looking face in the morning. I’ve certainly noticed a difference, my skin now looks a lot brighter first thing!

Are any of these beauty buys in your kit? What would you like to see next month? I’m all for beauty recommendations, any day of the week!



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