Benefit | Soft & Natural Brow Kit | Review

Benefit isn’t a brand that I’d usually incorporate into my makeup bag, simply because some of the products are out of my price range. However, since launching its go-to brow products, I’m in-love!

I was lucky to receive the Soft & Natural Brow kit for Christmas off my parents- eep!
I’m a sucker for pretty packaging and I do think that is one reason why I was lusting so much after the Soft and Natural Brow kit. Benefit really has put so much work into their HUGE range of eyebrow essentials.


I was told by one of the Benefit counter artists that during their training for the launch of the products, all of the counter artists had to use the products to complete the perfect eyebrow look whilst battling their balance on a manmade, rocking boat! Once again, proving to be THE best brow brand amongst the many competitors!


Benefit Brow Kit | Blog | Soft & Natural


Within my Soft and Natural kit, I received: A full size Goof Proof Brow Pencil (shade 6), a full size High Brow Pencil, a mini Ready, Set, Brow setting gel and some Shaping Stencils.


Inside the Benefit Soft & Natural Brow Kit

For my eyebrows, I usually apply gel based products to them. At the moment, I’m actually using a Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner Pomade in brown. To switch from this to a pencil applicator was quite a difficult transition but now that I’ve gotten used to it, I find that I alternate between products to fill my brows depending on time and occasion.


The Ready, Set, Brow setting gel is a product that I use everyday. The gel formula is so smooth and doesn’t feel heavy or sticky once applied. The gel sets almost instantaneously and keeps your brows on point all day.


The High Brow pencil is great for highlighting your brows. Once I’ve carved my brows with concealer, I then use the pencil to add some shimmer underneath the brow, which really makes them pop! The creamy formula of this pencil enables easy, smooth application and it’s easily blended using a small beauty blender.


Benefit Eye Brow Products | Soft & Natural

If you’re an eyebrow fanatic, Benefit’s Brow Kits are an absolute must. You can buy them in a range, so if you prefer a different style, there is one for you!

Soft & Natural Brows | Benefit Brow Kit

Are there any other products you can recommend by Benefit? If so, please let me know!



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