Beating Winter Blues

My Advice | Beating the Winter Blues

Unless your birthday is in January, you’ll agree with me when I say it’s the worst month of the year. It’s dark, cold and everybody is over the Christmas cheer and desperately searching for payday.

I truly believe that SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is something that a lot of people suffer with, including myself. Although we’re nearing the end of the month, we’ve still got a few more cold weeks until we’re blessed with the Spring sunshine. Check out how I spend my downtime during this time of year:
See the sun
For those of you who work in the week, you’ll understand what I mean when I say in the winter months, we live in the dark. We spend our commute to and from work in pitch black. Vitamin D is so important for our bodies and although the UK doesn’t get a lot of it, it’s good to get out into natural sunlight when possible. Saying this, make sure you do take your lunch break, even if it’s just to get a quick 20 minutes of fresh air. As well as this, make sure that you spend your weekends out doors- we’re used to the Manchester rain by now?!
Following on from the above, January, and winter in general, makes us feel… ‘bleugh.’Our skin feels dry and pale, we feel sluggish due to the weather resulting in us craving stodgy food. Take some time out to look after yourself. For me, I like to have a good pamper session; shave and smooth those legs, rub on some fake tan and keep my face fresh with a good mask. As cliche as it sounds, do try to get some health back into your meals. Stay tuned to see one of my favourite new healthy recipes, perfect for those chilly days!
Make plans
Keep yourself focused and have things to look forward to, whether that’s a holiday in May which you bought in the Jan sales, or a drink with your best mate on Saturday night. January and the start of Feb are the perfect times to take advantage of sales- restaurants and bars always run them!
If you’re really short on the cash, just have a few friends round and have a good catch up over a cheap bottle of something with some ‘picky bits’ from Aldi – perfect weekend night in!
There just three of my suggestions to have some you time this winter. Am I missing anything else? How do you stay upbeat in the colder months?

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