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Three Goals to Help Make 2017 My Year

The first month of 2017 is coming to an end – how fast did that go?!

I’ve used the start of 2017 to take a step back and think. What do I want out of this year? How can I (excuse the cliche) make 2017, MY year and also what sort of person do I want to be by December?

Due to work commitments and then family time over Christmas, I have neglected my blog. However, I’m back and I’m aiming to focus on my blog as much as I can. After all, it’s become my hobby and it’s so important to keep hobbies up.

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions,  The best way, I think, is to set yourself three main goals. Also, it’s important to make them as realistic and specific as possible. Many people will write a list of resolutions like, ‘I will Lose Weight, Eat Better, Drink more water.’ But by setting this vague goals, they more than likely get broken within two weeks!

As much as I want to achieve the typical health resolutions etc, I have three different goals in mind…

Three Goals to make 2017, my Year.

Plan, plan, plan
Everything from my blog posts, to how I spend my weekends. Yes, it’s simple to write a ‘To Do List’ but how often do we stick to them? I want to have a clear outlook on how I spend each day as you never know, it could be your last. (Grim thought, I know, but it’s true!)

To do this, I’m going to fuel my love for stationary (geek!) and set up a bullet journal. If I can make my plans, goals and life look pretty in a journal, I know I’m more likely to stick with it.

Take control over my brain

This seems a strange goal, our brain is part of us, so why can we not control our thoughts? The mental health stigma is something that’s spoken about more and more, and so it should be! As I’m writing this, my head is humming with everything else that I need to focus on – cleaning the flat, what to wear for work tomorrow, Is Monday going to be okay? I want to be able to silence the excess noise and focus on one thing at a time. How? I’m not 100% sure right now, but I’m going to explore alternative methods and simply, TRY.

Reduce my stress and step out of my comfort zone
This does go hand in hand with controlling my brain. One thing I do want to do is take a risk. I don’t know what the risk will be yet and it does sound quite drastic, but I do want to do something out of the ordinary for me. I want to battle my phobia of flying and get myself on a plan, for more than 50 minutes to Amsterdam! Another thing I really want to achieve is battling my nerves and passing my driving test. If anybody has any tips on how to stay calm and collected, please do let me know.

Have  you planned out your 2017? What advice would you give to reach your dream goals?



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