#LushArndaleBeautySchool Event | Lush Manchester

A couple of week’s ago, I was invited along to Lush’s first-ever blogger event at Manchester’s Arndale Centre. The Blogger’s Beauty School was a chance for Lush lovers to get together and discuss all things beauty, hair and product related. We even got the chance to get messy and create our own Lush products.

The event was split into three workshops; make-up, hair care and product making. Unfortunately, due to working, I was unable to make all three tutorials, so I took part in the product making and hair care sessions.

Product Making
We were able to spend an hour in the Lush greenhouse. Manchester’s Arndale store is the FIRST Lush store to have a greenhouse- how fab is that?!

Lush Green House | Manchester Arndale

During our product making session, we learnt about the ethical buying of Lush, exactly how the products are created and the ‘stuff’ that’s used in them. We were put to the Lush test by hand creating the Big Blue bath bomb and the Angels on Bare Skin, which we got to add to our complimentary Lush goodie bags – more on those later!

Lush | The Big Blue | Blogger Event

Angels On Bare Skin | Lush | Blogger Event

Hair Care
During the hair care session, we were shown a demo of how henna is used as a hair dye, something I never knew. Lush’s henna blocks create a thick, mud-like effect when mixed with hot water and massaged into the hair. Although weighty when applied, the Lush henna gives the hair and scalp a deep conditioning – why can’t all hair dye be like that?!

Lush | Henna | Hair Care

Lush | Henna | Hair Dye

As well as henna hair dye, we were shown various hair care products which I’m completely new to, but love. My favourite is the Hair Custard, which I was able to sample. The product literally looks and smells like sweet custard and is used as a gel product. Perfect for setting those wispy bits of hair, without leaving that solid hair look. Your hair is also left smelling beautiful, which is always a plus.

To finish the session, we were shown how to use our Lush hair wraps, from our goodie bags, to create various styles including a rose head band.

Lush Hair Wrap

Check out the contents of our goodie bags! *Heart eye Emoji*

Lush Goodie Bag | Blogger Event

As well as that, we received a Lush product inspired cupcake from Colin, the Trainee Manager & Party Coordinator who is also a brilliant baker!

Lush Cupcake

The staff at Lush were lovely and evoked true passion throughout the event. It so was nice to meet like-minded people and share blog / Lush product advice!

Did you attend the #LushArndaleBeautySchool event? How did you find it?




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