Base prep with Urban Decay

When it comes to make up, I’ve always said the product you should spend the most money on, aside from your basic skincare kit, is a good foundation.

I’ve always used MAC or Illamasqua foundation. Both brands have been great for the price and provided full coverage, but I always like to try something new.
And so, since a recent blogger recommendation, I’ve converted to Urban Decay’s All Nighter foundation.
Urban Decay | All Nighter | Primer Potion
First of all, the packaging- it’s gorgeous! I was discussing with the makeup artist at the Urban Decay counter how most brand’s packaging is a nightmare when you get near the end of your product. I mean glass bottles, really!?
The unique and stylish packaging of Urban Decay’s foundation is also practical. Crafted with an airless pump meaning that you’re able to get every last drop.
Urban Decay | Foundation | Beauty Blog
Onto the product itself. With most foundations, I tend to layer to get that full, matte look. With Urban Decay’s All Nighter, I’m completely covered in one pump. The product is lightweight and is ideal for those with oily skin as it creates a matte finish almost instantaneously.
The stuff lasts too! Living to its name, this foundation sees me through an eight hour day at work and holds when I’m in full on dance mode on a night out. Leave this one at home ladies, it’s not worth wasting on a top up!
Urban Decay | Primer Potion
Whilst I was being matched at the Urban Decay’s counter, the artist advised me to use the Complexion Primer Potion before applying the foundation. My other primers are all matte finishing products and if I were to couple the All Nighter Foundation with any of those, I’d look over-airbrushed (remember the webcam filters back in the day- not a good look!)
Both products cost me £46.50, £27 for the foundation and £19.50 for the primer. I know I’ll get at least three to four more months out of them yet so it’s definitely worth the price!

Have you tried Urban Decay’s range? What do you think I should try next?


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