New Specs: Moschino Madness

Two years has come around so quickly and for all the fellow specky four eyes out there, you will relate to me when I say new glasses day is like christmas and your birthday rolled into one!

Being a Specsavers customer for over five years now, I’ve always been so impressed with the amount of choice you get in store. When I was first told I had to wear glasses, (back in year four!!) I cried, so much. I hated the thought of having to wear metal frames around my face for the rest of my life. Although my (lack of) eyesight does bother me, I’ve learnt to embrace my ‘bins’ and they’ve become a staple part of my personality.

At the moment, Specsavers is doing a two for one offer on designer glasses, so I obviously took full advantage. I love larger frames so I decided to go for a pair of statement black Moschino lenses and my god, they’re gorgeous!

Moschino Glasses | CarlyMarie | Manchester Blogger

Following my Moschino obsession, I decided to go for a set of tortoise shell lenses as my second option. I’d normally go for sunglasses, but really, how much sun do we get here in the UK? I like that I can now mix and match depending on the occasion, or what outfit i’m wearing.

For fellow glasses owners, embrace your specs! I’ve only just learnt to myself. I like that they are now apart of me and my look and I can enjoy spending on them.



3 thoughts on “New Specs: Moschino Madness

  1. I remember my first glasses looked like Harry Potters. I think I still have them somewhere.
    It was only until 5 years ago, I started wearing my glasses all the time, before I never use to wear them when I was out. I felt embarrassed. Now, I wear them all day long unless I have contact lenses in, which is rare.

    I love the style glasses you choose. Something I would have picked. Thanks for sharing!

    Sabah ||


    1. I was the same!! I hated lenses, they really irritated my eye 😩 thank you so much, I love the big ‘geek’ glasses- they match my personality perfectly😂xxx


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