Woden Trainers Review

If you know me, you’d know that most of my wardrobe is black, grey or more recently, dusty pink. Shoe wise, I have recently just thrown away a stupid amount of black chunky ankle boots, but I need a bigger collection.

There is nothing is better than a statement shoe. I’m all for alternative footwear – i’ve owned Creepers, Dr Martens, perspex ankle boots, but I’ve discovered a new brand with the absolute WOW-factor. Que, Woden
Woden Trainers | Tessuti | Rose Gold

Woden’s Scandinavian sneakers pride themselves on three core values: style, change and passion – which is evidently all put into the creation of the products.

Trainers are the go-to shoes for comfort. Normally, i’d go to work in my Converse, but having to commute and work in rainy Manchester, they’re not the best at survival.

Woden trainers are full leather, so you’re fully saved from leaks in the rain. With it’s cork sole and soft suede-like lining, Woden trainers provide maximum comfort.

The colour and style of the trainers is the perfect look for Autumn! I’m a huge fan of copper and rose gold and they fit amazingly into my everyday wardrobe!

Check out the full range of Woden shoes, available from Tessuti.


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